How Wedding Pro Chicago works: Wedding Photography Steps

1. Contacting Wedding Pro Chicago

The first step that you have to take in order to contact us is to fill in the form : Check availability!

2. Our response for your inquiry

After you have completed the form within 24 hours, one of our representatives will contact you to make sure that we have all the right information for you.

3. Wedding Packages and offers.

Soon after you have received the response to your inquiry we send you a package list and offers. In it you will find all the information that we need and what it is included with every single one of our packages. In this package offer we also include details regarding the ways how you can save money or any special offers that we have at that time.

4. Making your selection

Within 2 days, after we have sent your package list and offers, one of our representatives will call you to see which one of the packages you would like included with your wedding. If you have any questions this is a good time to ask them . We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

5. Receive the wedding questionnaire

We have created this wedding questionnaire to find out all the ins and outs from your wedding. In the wedding questionnaire we have covered everything from the number of guests to timing and any special situations that might be such as divorced parents. It is designed so we can make sure that we know what to expect and be able to know all the small details before we actually arrive at your wedding.

6. Wedding meeting - optional

After we have received your questionnaire usually we like to meet up with our clients to go over all the small details that are included in the contract and to sketch out a plan for the wedding day.

7. Engagement shoot - optional

With most of our packages, we have included engagement packages as well. In the wedding meeting one of the elements that we cover is the engagement shoot. What it will be its location, what will be the route and what will be the style of it (photojournalistic, contemporary, classic etc.)

8. Wedding prints and albums

We offer a wide selection of custom made photography products : framed print for your guests to sign, guest books, small favors. We are more than happy in working with you to make your wedding unique. The images that we use for them are either the images that we have captured before at the engagement session or images from your own gallery.

9. Day of the wedding

Depending on your wedding selection, we arrive one hour or two hours at a minimum in advance. This is when we setup the photo booth, setup the portable slideshow displays, setup the lighting and scout the are for the First Meeting pictures.
During the wedding , we make sure we capture all the details and all the possible images that we can. Usually around 600 images from one photographer and around 1000 images when we work with 2 photographers.
After the wedding

10. Client proofing website

Within 5 business days, you will receive an e-mail from our company with a link towards your personal proofing webpage. Included in it you will find all the images captured at the wedding unprocessed. You will be asked to make your personal selection of the main images and submit it online.

11. Personal sharing website

Within 5 business days after you have sent your selection to us, you will receive your own wedding webpage. From it all your friends and family will be able to share your images online or buy prints.

12. Albums and prints

Within 10 business days after you have sent us the image selection, we will send you the wedding album design in a pdf file. If there are any minor adjustments this is the time to do it before it goes to print.
If we have your OK, we sent it to our partners at MPix Pro and within 10 business days you will receive it via mail along with all the DVD`s or other print material that you might have included.

Contact Wedding Pro Chicago

Phone: (347) 935 7504